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Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio

Apr 25, 2018

Tonight's first guest, Chad, has spent a lot of time in the woods hunting, trapping, and fishing. Consequently, he's seen Sasquatch several times. Sometimes he was alone, sometimes he had someone else with him. In the first segment of tonight's show, Chad's going to talk about those sightings he's had.

In the second...

Apr 18, 2018

If you listened to last week’s show, you heard Randy talk about the sighting he had in ‘72, while riding with his mom on a snow machine. On tonight’s show, Randy’s going to be sharing other experiences he’s had, as well as a terrifying experience his nephew had with a 12 foot Sasquatch.

We hope you tune in!

Apr 11, 2018

Tonight’s guest, Randy, grew up in rural Maine, on a 100 acre, remote, rural property. As a kid, he used to head deep into the woods and sleep alone, without a campfire, without any concerns. That all changed one day when he was 5 years old. On that day, Randy and his mother saw a creature they never expected to...

Apr 4, 2018

For 60 years, tonight's guest, Ernie Hart, was skeptical about the existence of Sasquatch. One night, while camping with his family, he experienced something that opened his mind to the possibility they were, in fact, real. Not long after that experience, he went on an outing, into the field, with an experienced...