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Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio

Sep 26, 2018

Tonight's show is a continuation from last week's show, where Rick told us about several of his earlier encounters with Sasquatch. On tonight's show, Rick will share several more of his experiences with you, including one that was so intense, he's still awe-struck by it.

Sep 19, 2018

Tonight's guest, Rick, worked for years in law enforcement. While working in law enforcement, he became very good at interviewing people. Because of the confidence, he has in his ability to tell when someone is being truthful or not, he was taken aback when a Native American woman offered something that seemed almost...

Sep 12, 2018

Tonight's guest is Chris Grammar. While living on a farm, in Humboldt County, California, last year, Chris had several experiences with Sasquatch. One of his most memorable experiences involved a sighting he had of a 9 to 10-foot tall male. 

We hope you'll tune in and listen to Chris talk about all of his experiences....

Sep 5, 2018

Tonight's guest, Annie, was exploring the hills, near Wickenburg, Arizona last winter and got more excitement than she bargained for. You see, Annie had traveled to her husband's mining claim like she had done numerous times before. Just like she would normally do, she headed out, to explore the area around his mine...